Every so often one of our customers will ask us to stamp their newly cut keys with the phrase “Do Not Duplicate” with the hope that it will help protect them from future unauthorized duplication by a potential dishonest contractor or employee.

Though most all Security Professionals in the State of California will honor this stamp, the fact is there’s no actual law restricting the reproduction of keys simply marked “Do Not Duplicate”.

In short, there is absolutely nothing to prevent an unscrupulous big box store employee, or flea market key cutter from copying them.

Unethical? yes.      Illegal? no.

So what’s the solution?

Total key control can be achieved through the use of patented, restricted key blanks and cylinders.  This is done by changing out the generic lock cylinders of existing door hardware and replacing them with new restricted and patent protected cylinders and keys.  Restricted keys contain a unique side milling which make un-authorized duplication virtually impossible.

Once the new system is in place, new keys may only be reproduced by Orchard City Lock and Safe, and only with proper authorization from the system purchaser.

Orchard City Lock and Safe stocks a full line of patented, restricted keys and cylinders for use in a wide variety of applications.

If you’ve grown tired of continually having to re-key your business or facility, Give one of our representatives a call today to discuss how you can control costs and increase your facility’s security with a restricted key system from Orchard City Lock and Safe.